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Red Hat unveils 10-year support plan
KDE 4.8 adds adaptive power management, new windowing tricks
Ubuntu 12.10 will bypass menus via predictive search
Red Hat, Ubuntu, and Arch Linux patch Linux kernel exploit
'Cinnamon' GNOME 3 fork now 'fully stable' with version 1.2
Linux gains share on enterprise servers -- and desktops, too
Linux Foundation tips 2012 schedule, sends LinuxCon to San Diego
Linux 3.2 goes bigtime on file systems, improves thin provisioning
CentOS and Oracle release their Red Hat 6.2 clones
CentOS turns 6.1, still trails Red Hat by a lap
How to replace Ubuntu 11.10's Unity desktop with good ol' GNOME
Red Hat 6.2 scales up on multicore platforms
Linux Mint 12 ships as distro's popularity soars
OpenSUSE 12.1 ships with GNOME 3.2, SystemD, Snapper, Go tools
Linux Mint 12 RC1 adds GNOME 2.x-like extensions to GNOME 3.2
Fedora 16 released with GNOME 3.2, virtualization enhancements
Linux 3.1 released with NFC support
XBMC-based embedded Linux distro debuts on HTPC mini-PC
Puppy Linux 5.2 (Wary) optimized for older PCs
Sabayon 7 tries on GNOME 3.2 plus experimental 'Fusion Kernel'
Final Ubuntu 11.10 spiffs up Unity, adds ARM server support
Fedora, OpenSuse betas embrace GNOME 3.2
Will Windows 8 block Linux installs?
Lightweight Bodhi 1.2 distro offers Enlightenment for the Linux masses