All About Linux on the Desktop en-us acquired ...'s publisher, Ziff-Davis Enterprise, has been acquired by a Californian company -- as yet undisclosed, but rumored to be Foster City-based QuinStreet. Future plans for the site have not yet been announced ... At this point, the future of is uncertain. What we can say Red Hat unveils 10-year support plan Red Hat has extended the life cycle of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 5 and 6 from seven to 10 years, with RHEL 6 now supported through 2020. Meanwhile, Linux kernel maintainer Greg Kroah-Hartman left Red Hat rival SUSE to join the Linux Foundation as a fellow. KDE 4.8 adds adaptive power management, new windowing tricks Version 4.8 of the KDE desktop environment and software bundle was released, featuring improved, adaptive power management and new windowing layouts. KDE 4.8 is also faster and more stable, and offers new features like Qt Quick-based Plasma widgets and the KDE Telepathy IM framework, says the community. Ubuntu 12.10 will bypass menus via predictive search Canonical unveiled a search-oriented Head-Up Display (HUD) interface that will debut in Ubuntu 12.04. Aiming to reduce dependence on menus and eventually replace them with the help of gesture and voice interactions, HUD could find its way into future versions of Ubuntu designed for smartphones and TVs. Red Hat, Ubuntu, and Arch Linux patch Linux kernel exploit Canonical, Red Hat, and Arch Linux have released patches that fix a vulnerability in Linux kernels 2.6.39 and above that enable attackers to gain system root access. The distro patches followed a kernel patch to fix the vulnerability, but proof-of-concept exploit code examples have already been posted.