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OSCON 2008 presentations, videos posted
Sep. 04, 2008

Wrapping up the OSCON (Open Source Convention) held in Portland, Oregon on July 21-25, show organizer O'Reilly Media has posted photos, videos, and presentations files. Meanwhile, winners of the 2008 Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards and the 2008 Community Choice Awards have also been announced.

The Tenth Annual OSCON gathered more than 3,000 "developers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries," a number that was 500 more than were expected, says O'Reilly. OSCON is the oldest and largest of the many technical conferences now held by book publisher O'Reilly. About 400 presentations and tutorials covered tracks ranging from databases to Python programming.

This year, OSCON introduced the Open Mobile Exchange, a one-day event addressing business, technology, web, and open source topics related to the mobile technology industry. Other events included a "hallway track" held to "debate and discuss important issues," as well as an OSCamp, a freewheeling user-directed "unconference" that was open to all comers. The event was further enlivened by the colocation of the second annual Ubuntu Live developers conference held during the first two days of OSCON at the same Oregon Convention Center location.

Jim Zemlin

Presentations for most of the sessions have been posted on the O'Reilly OSCON site, as well as videos of some of the featured speakers (see links at bottom). The over 20 keynotes included addresses from Tim O'Reilly, the Linux Foundation's Jim Zemlin (pictured at right), and Canonical's Mark Shuttleworth, who shuttled between the Ubuntu Live and OSCON events. Meanwhile, Intel's Dirk Hohndel, director of Linux and open-source strategy, discussed the new Moblin 2.0 and revealed that Intel has switched from Ubuntu to Fedora Linux for the MID-targeted open source stack. Later at the conference he was quoted as saying the switch was made in part because Moblin 1.0 had "failed to generate much interest" among developers.

Announcements made at the show include the following, says O'Reilly:
  • David Recordon announced the creation of the Open Web Foundation.

  • Voiceroute announced version 1.3 of Druid, an open source unified
    communications platform.

  • RightScale announced a partnership with EnterpriseDB on cloud management database applications for Amazon customers.

  • Jaspersoft announced the JasperForge BI community platform.

  • Zimbra announced Yahoo! Zimbra Desktop Beta for centralized, offline email management.

  • WSO2 demonstrated extended service-oriented architecture (SOA) interoperability with the Microsoft .NET Framework.

  • Intel announced a substantial upgrade to Intel Threading Building Blocks (TBB).

  • Grameen Foundation unveiled Mifos 1.1.

  • ICEcore announced its name change to Kablink.

Job seeker at the 2008 Open Source Convention in Portland, Oregon.
Presented by O'Reilly Media. Produced by Good Company Communications. Photograph copyright by James Duncan Davidson (Source image here.)

Open sourcing the awards envelope

OSCON held several awards ceremonies for open source software and leaders, including the 2008 Google-O'Reilly Open Source Awards and the 2008 Community Choice Awards. The Google O'Reilly winners included:
  • Best community amplifier -- Chris Messina (BarCamp, Microformats, and Spread Firefox)
  • Best contributor -- Angela Byron (Drupal)
  • Best education enabler -- Martin Dougiamas (Moodle)
  • Best interoperator -- Andrew Tridgell (Samba and Rsync)
  • Defender of rights -- Harald Welte (
The winners of the 2008 Community Choice Awards were listed as follows:
  • Best project --
  • Best project for the enterprise --
  • Best project for educators --
  • Most likely to be the next $1B acquisition -- phpMyAdmin
  • Best project for multimedia -- VLC
  • Best project for gamers -- XBMC
  • Most likely to change the world -- Linux
  • Best new project -- Magento
  • Most likely to be ambiguously and baselessly accused of patent violation -- Wine Is Not an Emulator
  • Most likely to get users sued by anachronistic industry associations defending dead business models -- eMule
  • Best tool or utility for SysAdmins -- phpMyAdmin
  • Best tool or utility for developers -- Notepad++

Mark Shuttleworth

Presentations, videos, and other links

General information on O'Reilly OSCON 2008 may be found here.

Speaker presentation files may be found here.

Articles, blogs, photos, video, and other coverage should be here.

Additional conference photos may be found on this Flickr page.

Mark Shuttleworth's keynote video should be here.

Winners and links for the 2008 Community Choice Awards may be found here.

-- Eric Brown

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