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Puppy Linux steps up to 1.04
Jul. 19, 2005

Puppy Linux founder and maintainer Barry Kauler has released version 1.04 of the Puppy Linux distribution. Key enhancements incorporated into the standard 60MB Live-CD file include the addition of a spreadsheet program (Gnumeric), audio file player (tomAmp), and text-mode web browser (ELinks), along with improvements to printing, media streaming, and many other functions. Plus, the Linux kernel has been upgraded from version 2.4.27 to 2.4.29.

Puppy Linux Live-CD images are also available in a 96.1MB "Chubby Puppy" version, which includes the OpenOffice office suite, as well as a 39.9MB "Bare-bones Puppy" version. Chubby Puppy substitutes OpenOffice version 1.1.4 for Abiword, Gnumeric, and Scribus, and will work on PCs with 128MB RAM, although 256MB is recommended, according to Kauler.

Kauler adds that he is tentatively planning to migrate Puppy from the OSS to ALSA sound systems in the next release (version 1.0.5) "due to ongoing limitations in sound support with some hardware," and that wireless networking may also be incorporated at that time.

Puppy Linux can be downloaded free of charge from the distribution's website.

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