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Ultralight MEPIS spinoff goes gold
Jul. 11, 2007

MEPIS on July 9 announced the "Spartacus" release of antiX, a community-built, ultralight derivative of the MEPIS Linux distribution. AntiX (pronounced "Antics") is the personal project of MEPIS community member "anticapitalista," who engineered it as a free version of MEPIS aimed at old 32-bit PC hardware.

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AntiX runs a 2.6.15 kernel and offers a choice of Fluxbox or IceWM as a desktop environment. It is architected for i586 and x86_64-bit machines and only has about a 400MB footprint.

AntiX is built using the MEPIS Linux 6.5 core, but mostly it has a different set of default user applications.

Despite its small footprint, antiX features a long list of applications. Some of the key ones are:
  • Abiword text editor
  • Firefox 2.0 browser
  • GAIM 1.5 instant messenger
  • Mplayer media player
  • Xchat chat client
  • GIMP 2.2.13 graphics editor
  • xpdf
Also included are: Gnumeric, Sylpheed-claws, Dillo, Links2, LeafPad, Nano, Irssi, Raggle RSS reader, Gtk-Gnutella, BitTorrent, Audacity, Xine, "Midnight Commander," Rox-filer, Xarchive, XCdroast and Graveman.

AntiX screen shots (click each image to enlarge)

(Click each image to enlarge)

AntiX is designed to work on computers with as little as 64MB RAM and Pentuim II or equivalent AMD processors, Woodford said.

"After months of hard work, I am delighted to announce that antiX "Spartacus" is ready for release," Anticapitalista said. "antiX is a fast, stable, lightweight and easy-to-install live CD for those with old computers or for those who prefer a 'lean and mean' operating system on modern hardware. Enjoy antiX!"

"Anti has demonstrated that you don't need to be a programmer to build a very useful derivative of MEPIS Linux. The MEPIS community is very impressed with his achievement," MEPIS founder and chief maintainer Warren Woodford said.

The ISO images are available for free download in the "released/antix" subdirectory at the MEPIS Subscriber's Site and at the MEPIS public mirrors. Alternatively, an FTP link directly to the 410MB ISO image can be found here.

Users can contact "anti" via the forums at or at

-- Chris Preimesberger

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